Prof. Muhammad Umar
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(Memorandum, Articles & Byelaws)



On GI & Liver Diseases 

RRF. House No. 224, Street No. 75
F 11/1 Islamabad (Pakistan)


1. Name

The name of Society shall be “Rawalians’ Research Forum on GI & Liver Diseases” (Here in after referred to as Society).

2. Registered Office

The registered office of the Society shall be RRF. House no 224, Street no.75, F 11/1 Islamabad
( Pakistan).

3. Aims and Objectives

Shall be

  • To support and stimulate research in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
  • To educate members of medical profession and public in the field of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
  • To exchange scientific knowledge between members, Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists.
  • To put effort to include Hepatitis –B vaccination in EPI of Pakistan and to vaccinate high risk groups.
  • To Formulate and design national guidelines for treatment of disease of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
  • To introduce telemedicine in the field of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

4. Membership

(a) Candidate for membership should be a Rawalian (student or graduate of      Rawalpindi Medical College.

(b) Candidate should have his/her special interest in Gastroenterology &       Hepatology and submit evidence to support this assertion (He/she has at
      least 02 research articles published, to be presented in a meeting).

(c) Associate Members

  • Are those members who are working on some research projects under the Society and have demonstrated a continued interest in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

(d) Honorary Membership  

  • The Executive Committee may recommend conferment of honorary membership to any person, who has worked for the cause of Society.
  • The Executive Committee may recommend conferment of honorary membership to a graduate, (other than of Rawalpindi Medical College) who is serving in Rawalpindi Medical College.

(e) Life Membership

  • Shall be open for all members having good standing for five years or one who has published articles in renowned journal medical on payment of a “Lump Sum” fixed by Executive Committee from time to time.
  • The pioneer members will be the lifetime members of the society.

(f) Procedure for Membership

  • Suitable persons desirous of becoming the Members/Associate Members shall apply to the Vice President on a prescribed form duly proposed and seconded. The names shall be forwarded to the Credential Committee for onward recommendations to the Executive Committee for approval. The approved name shall be read in the subsequent General Body’s meeting, for confirmation.
  • The General Secretary shall then include the names in the membership directory.
  • In case of refusal from the membership the applicant may request for reconsideration to the President / General Secretary (once only).
  • The membership form should accompany the registration fee and membership initiation fee in the form of a bank draft drawn in favor of Rawalians Research Forum on GI & Liver Disease, Islamabad.
  • The credential committee shall comprise of Vice President Research Executive and Finance Executive.

(g) Cessation of Membership

  • Any member or associate member may resign from the Society by notifying his / her intention of doing so in writing to the General Secretary. The resigning member shall be required to pay all the dues against him / her.
  • If the subscription is not paid within 3 months after the due date, the member shall be notified by registered notice, acknowledgment due and if after one month of this notice the subscription remains unpaid the membership may be suspended by the Executive Committee. Such member shall be eligible for readmission to the membership on payment of dues.
  • In case of a member going abroad, for a prolonged period, Executive Committee may exempt him/her from payment of the normal subscription for the period for his absence.
  • Any member whose behavior and conduct had been derogatory to the objectives of the Society or the medical profession will be liable to have his/her name struck off the membership register if the Executive Committee consider so, after giving the member concerned full opportunity to present his case in writing or in person.

5. Subscription

(a) Full Membership

  • Registration fee Rs. 300/-
  • Membership Initiation Fee Rs. 500/-
  • Annual Subscription Fee Rs. 200/-

(b) Associate Membership

  • Registration Fee Rs. 300/-
  • Annual Subscription Fee Rs. 200/-

(c) Life Membership

  • Membership Fee (once only) Rs. 2000/- Annual Subscription Fee Rs. 200/-

(d) The subscriptions are subject to changes made by the Executive Committee as      and when necessary. 

6. Privileges and Rights of Full Members and Life Members

  • To attend and vote at all general and extra ordinary meeting.
  • To propose and second candidates for holding office of the Society.
  • To propose and second resolutions.
  • To receive publications of the Society free or on such rate as the Society may determine from time to time.

 7. Privileges and Rights of Associate Members

  • To attend, take part in discussions, in all general meetings, lectures etc.
  • They will not have voting rights.
  • To receive publications of the Society free or on such rates as the Society may determine from time to time.

8. Management and Organization

  • The direction of overall policy shall be vested hands of general body, which shall be the supreme body of the Society. It shall consist of all full members of the Society, who shall ordinarily meet at the annual General Body Meeting.
  • The affairs and business of the Society shall be conducted and managed by the Executive Committee.

9. Executive Committee

  • Patron
  • President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Finance Executive
  • Research Executive
  • Vaccination Executive
  • Publication Executive
  • Public Awareness Executive
  • Information Technology Executive
  • Members (Four in number)

10. Election of the Committee and Office Bearers

  • The members of Executive Committee shall be elected for two years by a simple majority.
  • Full member who has at least two articles published in journal, presented in conference workshop symposium and desirous of being elected, as Executive Committee member shall submit their names duly proposed and seconded as per procedure.
  • Mid-term vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be temporarily filled in by majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  • Election will be conducted by secret ballots under the supervision of three members Election Committee appointed by the president.

11. Duties of Executive Committee Members

(a) President

  • Shall preside all meeting of the General Body and the Executive Committee.
  • Shall guide day-to-day activities of the Society according to the laws and Byelaws of the Society.

(b) Vice Presidents

  • Vice Presidents shall perform duties for the President in his absence and due to any reason for his inability to perform.
  • Shall assist the President in organizing and advancing the cause of the Society.
  • Shall maintain accounts and present the annual audited statement to the Executive Committee.
  • Shall be responsible for holding of elections as per laid down procedures.
Prof. Muhammad Umar
was awarded
SJZ Research Award in 2004
Dr. Amir Rizwan
was awarded
Young Researchers Award
Dr. Abdul Naeem
was awarded
Best Paper Award in APPNA
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